TheFireDesk is privately run by firefighters to highlight both the accomplishments of, and issues affecting, fire departments.

None of us are perfect, but that doesn’t keep us from trying. We strive to bring you information on fire department news and activities to keep you, the public, as well-informed as possible on what departments are doing well, where they are lacking, and other things of import.

The hope is that you can use this information to stay informed of things your fire department is doing and things affecting it, and if needed, ask critical questions of your department, its leadership, and other governing bodies.

Posts are submitted directly to us by firefighters. In order to provide you the best information possible we attempt to present all relevant details, and strive to provide sources/citations where possible. However, as many things may be unpublished or originate from direct observations, corroborating information may be unavailable. Opinion pieces which may reflect any bias or are otherwise non-factual will be identified as such. Should incorrect information be posted, it will be removed or corrected at our convenience and discretion.