Letter from MFFD Command Staff to Village Pres./Board

On July 23, 2019, Menomonee Falls Fire Dept. Command Staff sent a letter to the Village President and Board, concerning a number of incorrect statements made by then Director of Protective Services, Anna Ruzinski, at an earlier Committee of the Whole meeting on July 15th. A short while ago, we were provided a copy of […]

Ashland (OR) Chief Makes Ultimate Stand

Ashland Fire Chief Mike D’Orazi on Tuesday took the ultimate stand against a demanding City Administration. After being pressured to reduce the department operating budget by an additional $300,000, Chief D’Orazi resigned his position to hopefully keep from having any Fire Fighter positions cut in pursuit of such deep cuts. Thank you, Chief D’Orazi, for […]

Tax Credits Proposed for Volunteer Firefighters

MADISON, WI (Wisconsin Radio Network) – At the Capitol, legislation would provide tax credits for volunteer firefighters and EMTs. The majority of the state’s hundreds of fire departments rely on volunteers, but state Senator Pat Testion of Stevens Point notes it’s getting tougher to attract and retain them — with notable consequences: “In 2006 the […]