Letter from MFFD Command Staff to Village Pres./Board

On July 23, 2019, Menomonee Falls Fire Dept. Command Staff sent a letter to the Village President and Board, concerning a number of incorrect statements made by then Director of Protective Services, Anna Ruzinski, at an earlier Committee of the Whole meeting on July 15th.

A short while ago, we were provided a copy of that letter, and have struggled with whether or not to post it for public review. It is our understanding that the letter was in part furnished to the local media, and is also, in its entirety, subject to Open Records Requests, and no part is intended to be Confidential.

While most of the letter concerns exact statements made by the DPS, there also exists other relevant information pertinent to the ongoing issues in Menomonee Falls, and as such, we have ultimately decided to post it. It is our hope that providing the additional background information it contains will assist their struggle for transparency and positive changes needed to protect the life and property of the Village and its residents/occupants.

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